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Tek Thots Archive

From 1996-1999, I published “Tek Thots: An Email Newsletter of Technology Info,” a highly influential email newsletter devoted to a wide range of tech topics, with a special focus on security, privacy issues, cryptography, & info warfare. I conducted extensive research, interviewed SMEs, interacted with high level international security experts (including the NSA) to provide the most current security info available; continually collected numerous new computer viruses – all “in the wild” – thoroughly testing all AV apps in order to publish test results & rank the AV apps via hard data-based results. I regularly exposed IDs and IP addresses of repeat spammers. I benefited from interaction with thousands of international subscribers, most of whom were in education, government, & the military fields. (Most US subscribers typically had email addresses with .edu, .gov, .mil, & even .arpa domain suffixes.) I proudly retained my integrity through independence & non-affiliation with any organization or business, fighting all repeated efforts from international entities to turn newsletter into ad-based, revenue driven publication. Further, I refused all efforts to buy the newsletter, even while offering to retain me as publisher.

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Tek Thots had subscribers from over 40 countries, including the US, Belgium, New Zealand, Sweden, UK, Israel, Canada, Australia, Germany, Chile, Finland, Norway, UAE, Italy, South Korea, Denmark, Iceland, Poland, Switzerland, France, Netherlands, Singapore, Hong Kong, South Africa, Russia, Spain, Latvia, Thailand, Portugal, Mexico, Japan, Romania, India, Austria, Bermuda, Nicaragua, Brazil, Malaysia, Ireland, Czech Republic, Romania, Slovak Republic, Croatia, Greece, Cypress & Estonia.

This archive contains all of my issues. A few I scanned (poorly) and made into PDFs. I never found the time to scan them all, nor even many of them. The rest are HTML files/links. As is obvious, I never held to a regular publishing schedule, putting the newsletters out when I could and had the time and interest. After nearly 20 issues, I had so many other responsibilites in my life at the time, I decided to stop publishing the newsletter, a decision I came to regret later in life. This publication, the research I put into it, the contacts I made, and the influence it had on people, places, and things, to whatever degree, are irreplaceable to me. I'll never forget the awesome experience of writing and publishing Tek Thots.