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In 1996, I was hired by EarthLink Network in Pasadena to serve as the company's technical editor. In that position, I wrote several weekly Web-based technical articles and tutorials for EarthLink's website. Topics included Java, JavaScript, CGI, Computer Viruses, Secure File Deletion Utilities, TCP/IP and many more. I also wrote several technical articles and tutorials for bLink, a bi-monthly newsletter/magazine mailed to all EarthLink customers, with a circulation of up to 500,000 at the time, later growing into the millions. Further, I copy edited the publication and edited all articles written by staff writers to ensure technical accuracy. I also edited each daily Web-based article written by staff writers for EarthLink's website to ensure technical accuracy, as well as standard grammatical accuracy. Additionally, I wrote the majority of Getting the Most Out of EarthLink, a booklet sent to all new customers, and I edited the entire publication. Moreover, I ghostwrote the majority of A Guide for AOL Graduates, a booklet targeted to former AOL customers migrating to EarthLink, and I edited the entire booklet. Finally, I led the effort to establish an EarthLink style guide.

In 1997, I left the division I had been serving as technical editor in to go to the engineering division, where I became the division's documentation specialist, growing the position to a Documentation department that I headed as Documentation Manager. I no longer wrote articles such as these. Instead, I wrote policies and procedures, divisional and company stances on technical issues, divisional tutorials, white papers, and proposals in response to company RFPs. I also oversaw the division's intranet and library and I took over the CAD work, producing all of the engineering schematics, network topologies, POP diagrams, and more. It was a completely different life, but I loved it. I was also able to write white papers on issues such as 56K technology and contribute editorially to articles such as A Highly Scalable Electronic Mail Service Using Open Systems.

However, I was fortunate enough to look ahead and save a number of bLink articles I wrote back in 1996. This is an archive of some of them in PDF format. I scanned these articles and created the PDFs, so the quality isn't great and I apologize, but the content is still good, although some of it is outdated now. But some of the articles still apply to today's technology, such as the articles on FTP and TCP/IP, and hopefully you will enjoy browsing through the articles in this archive.

All articles copyright EarthLink Network. Written, archived, and posted by Scott Holstad without written consent by EarthLink Network.