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I have been a fan of the Pittsburgh Penguins virtually all of my life. When I was a kid in the 1970s, my father would take me to Pens games in the Igloo in downtown Pittsburgh to watch the team play bruisers like Philadephia. The Pens weren't very good then, but it was still fun to see the games.

In 1984, we drafted one of the arguably two greatest players of all time, Mario Lemiex. It took a few years to build a quality team around him, but the fans and I were elated when he and the team brought home Pittsburgh's first two Stanley Cups in 1991 and 1992. We were further elated when new stars Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin helped Pittsburgh to its third championship in 2009.

2016 was special. 2015-2016 started off rocky, resulting in the firing of the ineffective coach and the promotion of Mike Sullivan, the team's top minor league coach. Things turned around right away and Pittsburgh was the best team in the league from the beginning of January through the remainder of the year. The team fought its way through the playoffs and played a tough San Jose team to win its fourth Stanley Cup. My Penguins page is a testament to the 2015-2016 season with a special emphasis on the playoffs, including a webpage for each of the rounds, as well as a page for Pittsburgh's Stanley Cup history, and more. Whether you're a Pens fan or not, whether you know hockey or not, you might very well enjoy this site, as the pages tell stories that will last forever, complete with photos and videos of the season and specific games from each series. Enjoy!

2016-2017 was another special season for the Pens, as they won back to back championships and their fifth overall Stanley Cup against all odds with some of the worst injuries a team has ever faced. No team had won back to back championships in two decades. It was fantastic seeing Pittsburgh beat Nashville in a Stanley Cup series we won in six games by two shutouts in a row. Our "official" rookie goaltender, Matt Murray, won his second Stanley Cup in his rookie year, after not played enough regular season games in 2016 to disqualify him from rookie status in 2016-17. Of course, no rookie goalie has ever won TWO Stanley Cups and only two other rookie goalies have ever won a Stanley Cup before, so he's in hallowed territory.

As I write this, the 2017-18 playoffs are underway as Pittsburgh tries for three straight Stanley Cups, a feat that hasn't been done since the early 1980s. It's been a tough year, but the team persevered and it's paying off now. We'll see how things turn out...

Tek Thots archive

A small archive of some of the issues of “Tek Thots: An Email Newsletter of Technology Info,” a highly influential email newsletter devoted to a wide range of tech topics, with a special focus on security, privacy issues, cryptography, & info warfare. I published this newsletter from 1996-1999.

bLink archive

An archive of numerous technical articles and tutorials for I wrote for EarthLink's website while employed as the company's technical editor in the 1990s. Topics included Java, JavaScript, CGI, Computer Viruses, Secure File Deletion Utilities, TCP/IP and many more.

Scott's Blog: hankrules2011

My personal blog, started in June 2011. Among the topics covered are blogging, Christianity, book reviews, health, hockey, sports, music, literature, life in general, technology, creative writing, politics, poetry, publishing, writing, concerts, and much more. There are links to some of my favorite blogs, as well as to some of my favorite muscians/bands, some personal publications, and some good writing sites. Feel free to stop by and check it out.

Scott's Book Reviews

My book review site, containing nearly 500 book reviews, on books ranging from science fiction (the vast majority) to communism to fantasy to the military to music to biographies to politics to religion to sports to thrillers and to war. Some of these book reviews are quite small while others are quite large, comprehensive, and in depth.

Scott's bizarre academic career

My travels going to six colleges and universities getting three academic degrees, including private religious colleges, major state universities, and law school, leading to current continuing ed, encompassing 13 years of higher education. Strange decisions, strange stories.

WireMe Designs, LLC

Scott's Music Shak

In the summer of 2017, I created a new startup. I've been selling music and audio equipment online in various shops, and have finally created my own website: Scott's Music Shak. I sell a wide range of new and used vinyl LPs, CDs, and cassettes, as well as select audio accessories and components. It's kept me very, very busy, but I love it! I take pride in the fact that I have a decent selection of rare and collector's items, some of which I'm the only one in the world selling. I also have a large section of items under $10. I write various blog posts about all sorts of musical and audiophile topics, and I try to differentiate myself even more from my competition through superior customer service and doing free custom searches for hard-to-find items, as I've had a pretty good track record at locating some very unique items. Unfortunately, after 13 months, I had to shut down operations due to extremely poor health. The company was well on its way to early profitibility and it's been a great disappointment to end things, but my health would no longer permit it. I'm leaving this section up on this webpage because I want people to see what one of my projects has been.

My Organizations

Over the years, I have and continue to belong to a number of professional organizations. Some are ones one joins if they're in a certain profession, and that is the only requirement. Others are harder to get into and there are often requirements before one is "approved" for membership. In fact, there are a few truly "elite" groups I belong to, and I feel fortunate enough to have the credentials necessary to be approved for membership. This hyperlink takes you to the list of these various orginazations, with links to each. If you are a member of one I belong to, feel free to look me up there!

My Custom Built Xidax X-8 Glacier PC Photo Album

Make sure to check out the specs at the beginning of the photo album!

Xidax X-8 Glacier: Green

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